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ORION'S CHOICE BOWHUNTERS is a show that sets out to portray the reality of bow hunting. We want to share our experiences with you and then discuss them afterwards, pose questions, learn and perhaps educate you as well. Join us as we show off this beautiful country and what it has to offer.
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Black Bear- Ontario, October 2nd, 2015
Dallas Latanville and his son Austin got it done on October 2nd. Dallas finally managed to spare some time to hunt outside a busy work schedule. The result is this beautiful Black Bear he harvested in Central Ontario.
Bull Elk- Alberta, Sept 27, 2015
Phil Taylor managed to connect with the Bull Elk he has been chasing. Phil had a few encounters with this Bull but could not seal the deal. He changed up his tactics and here is the end result. Phil used his "Pink Lady" Elk reed by Wapiti river outdoors and a tree stand to ambush this magnificent beast. [www.wapitiriveroutdoors.com]
Velvet White Tail-Ontario, Sept 6, 2015
Robyn Warken is the first staffer to get on the board in the Fall Season. Robyn harvested his target buck "Cloud Nine" during his second sit of the North Western Ontario early season. This buck in full velvet is surely one that Robyn will remember forever.